Weekend reads - week 14

I always try to read investing related news, sites and blogs if I have some spare time. I don't always agree with the author but reading articles and blog posts could help you get some fresh ideas regardless your own opinion. The following caught my eye this week:

Now I’d like to hear from you, did you find interesting articles this week? Share with us via comment.

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Have a nice Weekend,

- Passive Income Guy


  1. Lol, seems like we have the same blog reading list. I would agree, that although the dividend growth community has the same goal of Financial Independence through passive income, we are all have our own ways. I guess this is what makes it fun. Would be boring if everyone road-map is the same.

    Also, great that you posted Jason Fieber new site. I was wondering what happened to him since he disappeared after selling his old site.

    Have a great day!

  2. Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, would be really boring if we all chose the same ways to achieve our goals.

    Jason has been blogging at his new site for some time now. Glad my post helped you to find his blog again.