Recent buy DIS

20.March 2018

I bought 25 shares of Walt Disney co/the 101,23 USD per share (2530,75 USD).

I am currently rebuilding My portfolio. This was My second purchase this year and it  will increase my annual net income to 3.149 euros. My plan is to add this position slowly over time. After this purchase i need increase My cash position in order to do new purchase.


  1. Nice buy. I do not hold DIS but know it's a popular long term DGI play. Keep the buying going!

  2. Yeah i'ts a popular choice among DGI investors. Would be happy to buy more.

  3. I own DIS before, and want to add DIS back in, especially if they're going to buy 21st Century, the company that own Avatar the movies that are in the making by Cameron. It's due to make $2B per movie. They are making several, so we know it's going to be profitable. Just waiting for funds to get my foot in.

    Cheers to more dividend to come!